Team build-outs

Recruiting a complete team can be the best RoI decision shareholders can make

Team build-outs

Having a complete team from the get-go to enter a new market, offer a new product or service or cover a new function (such as manufacturing) greatly improves the odds. Ask us how we out together a complete team within four weeks – which then delivered almost $200,000,000 in projects within 18 months!

Our typical team members

  • Each individual has a strong track-record in his/her are of expertise
  • Strong synergies with the other team members
  • Long tenure with good employers with clear career progression
  • Excited about being part of a new team with a clear mission
  • A hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, results-oriented professional
  • Fitting to the previously agreed to compensation parameters
  • Willing to relocate, if required

Recently hired

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