Talent Strategy provides the intellectual foundation of every Human Resources function.

We can help you to develop a comprehensive and sound HR strategy interlocking both domestic and global needs.


While Executive Search and other methods of Talent Acquisition are visible manifestations of Recruiting, Talent Strategy provides the intellectual foundation of every Human Resources function. Understanding the needs of the market, deducing corporate strategies and then synthesizing the required skillsets are the first steps towards creating a successful team. Successfully maintaining a winning team requires regular benchmarking of all team members’ capabilities vis-à-vis the changing demands of the market. Highly relevant insights into market developments and the strategies and tactics of other market participants can be gleaned by mapping out their organizations to identify trends and patterns.

Once mid- and long term business strategies are agreed upon, talent pipelines can be developed by engaging early on with high-potentials possessing the required skillset while they are employed with other organizations. Hence key openings can be filled expeditiously, thus reducing risk while maintaining continuity.

The nature of today’s markets demands flexibility and creativity; innovative Talent Strategies ensure continued business success.


Sustainable succession-planning requires careful preparation to mitigate risk exposure for your company. Cultural changes precipitated by a change of leadership style must be carefully managed to prevent attrition of key talent. In sales environments, client relations must be protected and carefully handed over to new customer-facing leaders. We provide support and advice to help you manage succession processes successfully and sustainably.


Fluid markets coupled with the current state of your company’s evolution in new or established markets need to be reflected in your team structure. Our talent assessment offering helps you not only to confirm your A players but also to identify your rough diamonds to devise and implement talent development models for them. Our services include psychometric assessments, developing competency models, in-depth, targeted interviews and detailed reporting to our clients.


The structure of your foreign subsidiary has a direct impact on your strategy and success in international markets. We provide detailed analyses of your competitors‘ structures to allow you to draw valuable conclusions for your own set-up as well as putting you ahead of the curve when it comes to early identification of market-driven changes and adjustments. Understanding how more established companies are structured can also provide you with roadmaps for your own evolution.


Talent Mapping allows our clients to compare their internal talent pools with what the market has to offer. This allows companies to benchmark and optimize their talent and make solid decisions in areas like organizational structure, talent development, and succession, as well as contingency planning. Gender Mapping is an increasingly important part of talent mapping that can provide valuable insights for your diversity strategy.


Building up on talent mapping and focusing on functions with acute talent shortages in the face of high demand, we identify and evaluate talent that is currently employed with your competitors. Any talent thus identified is then approached for a general conversation of their career goals before being added to a structured database. This is made fully available to our clients to allow them to tap into external pools to address unexpected contingencies and allow for business continuity.


High Potential Coaching, targeted Performance Coaching, the coaching of new team members during on-boarding as well as Leadership Team Coaching help successful organizations to grow and develop their talent base sustainably and support talent retention and employer recognition. With an ever-increasing global shortage of key talent, coaching services can help you to stand out from your competitors and increase the loyalty of your key executives and leaders.

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