Executive Search

Business success correlates closely with the quality and commitment of your American executives.

We are the leaders in recruiting industry experts who produce exceptional results in a global work environment.


Obtaining talent takes many forms – selecting members of the Board, hiring a Country Manager such as a CEO or President, obtaining crucial talent for specific functions, finding an interim executive to tackle a temporary challenge or hiring a complete team.

Your business strategy dictates the way talent is recruited; our experts have decades of experience determining the best approach and implementing it to suit your needs and expectations.


The increasing speed of innovation and growing complexity of markets combined with increasing transparency are pushing companies to have ever-growing expectations of their Boards of Directors to provide oversight with integrity and strategic focus. Non-Executive Directors also provide key services as multipliers in your markets along with feeding valuable market intelligence back into your company. We apply the same stringent selection process to board members that we utilize for executive search.


Selecting true leaders to run and grow your international subsidiaries is a key strategic challenge. Finding the right talent will not only guarantee your success in foreign markets but also provide invaluable marketing and PR benefits. We help you find leaders who are compatible not only with your home culture but also with that of your target markets to set you up for success from Day 1.


We have supported dozens of leading mid-cap companies with identifying, assessing and selecting future leaders for their foreign subsidiaries. We find candidates with significant and relevant global experience who are multi-lingual and possess a high degree of intercultural competence combined with relevant in-country experience in any geography. The depth and breadth of our research process is second-to-none and our industry leading placement and stick rates testify to our success.


A team of A-players is like a well-oiled machine that propels your company to success when it comes to opening up new markets, launching new products or tackling new challenges in manufacturing. We identify, motivate and assess entire teams by selecting top players from your competitors and helping you integrate them into your organization.


EIM offers a cost-effective, highly-targeted solution to support companies in times of growth, expansion or strategic change. Interim executives bring a wealth of product, industry or market-specific knowledge and can help your company solve strategic problems with short or long-term assignments. Short-term assignments often include projects like program management or product launches while long-term missions may include digital transformation, cultural change or team overhauls. [more]


Fluid markets coupled with the current state of your company’s evolution in new or established markets need to be reflected in your team structure. Our talent assessment offering helps you not only to confirm your A players but also to identify your rough diamonds to devise and implement talent development models for them. Our services include psychometric assessments, developing competency models, in-depth, targeted interviews and detailed reporting to our clients.


Building up on talent mapping and focusing on functions with acute talent shortages in the face of high demand, we identify and evaluate talent that is currently employed with your competitors. Any talent thus identified is then approached for a general conversation of their career goals before being added to a structured database. This is made fully available to our clients to allow them to tap into external pools to address unexpected contingencies and allow for business continuity.

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