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CEO, President, GM and Country Manager Search

TH Bender has completed dozens of executive searches advising overseas clients on American chief leadership succession, recruitment, and professional development. We understand that the selection of the US top executive is one of the singularly most important decisions corporate leadership, representing the shareholders can undertake. Rigorous analysis, creativity, logic and sound judgement are prerequisites – traits which are required for long-term success of the organizations, but which are not always sufficiently applied in a world asking for quick solutions and immediate fixes.

The search for the top executive of a subsidiary is often very different from a “traditional” CEO search. Often directly involved and hands-on, often without the resources of the parent company at its immediate disposal and the top leadership thousands of miles away, the CEO’s daily life often resembles that of a divisional leader at an American company or that of the top sales executive. The ability to produce results and to translate the requirements of the American market to overseas executives requires a highly versatile, culturally aware executive.

We believe that only an extensive and thorough research effort, combined with the accumulated corporate knowledge developed over 13 years in executive search and a personal track-record in executive search going back to 1997, a very high-touch approach to potential candidates and a close shepherding of the interview, offer and on-ramping process with the client leads to the best, long-term hires.

Our typical candidate for the role of the top US executive

  • Strong track record in a narrowly defined niche
  • Ability to define strategies utilizing existing resources and execute them
  • High emotional IQ, awareness to the needs of a foreign parent company
  • Long tenure with good employers with clear career progression
  • Excited by the opportunities middle-market a leadership with a subsidiary can bring
  • A hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, results-oriented professional – never someone who enjoys leading the troops from behind a desk!
  • Willing and able to directly work with clients
  • Fitting to the previously agreed to compensation parameters
  • Willing to relocate, if required

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