Engineering and Electronics Systems Company

I know TH Bender from the perspective of a candidate and a client. Tilman was instrumental in staffing our sales and engineering teams. Tilman Bender is easily one of the most effective headhunters in the solar energy industry. He has an extensive knowledge of all the players - not only does he know their names but he is intimately familiar with their backgrounds, interests, motivations and aspirations. He gets to the point, makes solid recommendations and always has the long-term interest of his client at heart. He is very trustworthy – this alone makes him a very rare bird in the business world. He is also a skilled, creative and tenacious negotiator familiar with all aspects of complex employment agreements – he even knows how to effectively address the tricky aspects of unvested equity payments. He recruited me from one of the leading solar companies to build the startup US operations for a leading European electronics company. Having worked with Tilman as a candidate it was easy for me to recommend him to the Board for all other search assignments. Our firm continued to use his services as our exclusive third-party recruiter and we build a team of around 12 people. I continue to recommend Tilman to my own clients and partners and look forward to continue the relationship.