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When it comes to recruiting internationally experienced executives our track record is second to none - we are the leading headhunters for international companies.

Popular wisdom claims that past performance is the best predictor of future success. While success depends on many factors (and sometimes a bit of luck) we strongly believe that experience matters.

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Recruited Position
Country CEO - South Africa
Power Storage
Head of Development
Alternative Energy/Solar
Head of Procurement & Production Planning
Machinery (Harvesting Equipment)
Head of Licensing
EVP of Operations
Head of Sales
Alternative Energy/Solar
Head of Sales
Machine Tools
Executive Vice President
Power Plants
Executive Vice President Sales
Power Production
Executive Vice President of Project Development
Utility Scale Photovoltaics
EVP of Business Sales and Business Development/GM
Industrial Heating Equipment
Senior Vice President of Wholesale
Alternative Energy/Solar
Vice President of Quality
Vice President Finance and Administration
Automotive Supplier
Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Product Management
Risk Modeling Software
Vice President / Head of Distribution Business
Alternative Energy/Solar
Vice President Finance & Admins
Machine Tools
Vice President Product & Procurement
Alternative Energy/Solar
Vice President of Finance
Alternative Energy/Inverter Manufacturer
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