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What are the advantages starting an international business?
What do I have to consider? - legal requirements, financial and personal aspects.
How can I find highly qualified management personnel?

November 05, 2018
German directness, American euphemisms: the hell of cross-cultural communication

Americans and Germans do a lot of business together – and often have unnecessary misunderstandings...

November 05, 2018
German processes vs. American relationships

Germans believe that processes — how the work is done — is the key to...

October 28, 2020

Useful technical terms from human resources and executive recruiting in the USA Glossary

October 02, 2020
How to collaborate effectively, remotely

If you're a fan of intense whiteboard sessions, you're probably not in love with remote...

July 24, 2020
RETAIL – The future of a profitable online grocery service is here

Ordering your groceries online: is it a passing trend? Not so long ago, the prospect...

July 22, 2020
How the pandemic exposed the fallacy of the “ideal worker”

Ah yes, the “ideal worker.” This is a notion the business world has long revered...

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