Which countries were and weren’t ready for remote work?

It seems we’ve entered the analysis phase of this remote work scenario. What have we learned? The Harvard Business Review (HBR) reports on which countries were and weren’t prepared for the sudden shift to remote work when #covid19 came to town. Not surprisingly, this analysis reveals patterns: advanced economies with more robust digital platforms and infrastructure to begin with were more prepared. On a graph comparing “robustness of digital platforms” against “resilience of internet infrastructure to traffic surges,” Singapore, the Netherlands and the UK appear at the top right. Floundering at the bottom left: India, Indonesia and Chile. Where does the US sit on this chart? HBR calls us “ready, but not ready enough.” We have robust digital platforms and digital payment infrastructure in place, but surges in internet traffic have stressed our infrastructure. As we gather “lessons learned” both from analysts and anecdotes — including the companies I work with at TH Bender — I’m curious to see how we better prepare for the next pandemic.

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