What is an office truly for?

Ask a variety of people, and you’ll get a variety of answers.

Some think of it as a utilitarian space where internet is plentiful and the printer toner is always full. Others come to the office for the social connection and water-cooler chat.

Some will tell you an office is a productivity space, where things get done. Others argue it’s more about collaboration.

We’ve all learned a little bit about what we need (and don’t need) in an office for this year. Jennifer Magnolfi Astill, a workplace consultant for big names like PepsiCo and Google, calls this an “evolutionary shift” in work and says:

“Physical offices cause people who don’t normally work with each other to connect accidentally — bumping into each other in the hallway or the cafeteria — and that interaction sparks new ideas."

For my clients at TH Bender, there’s a lot of excitement about getting back to work. While remote work will continue to be a norm for a lot of people, others are excited to get back into the collaborative fray.

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