Time for a vacation

Are you more than ready to get away?

It’s easy to leave in a flurry and think, “I’ll just deal with it when I get back.” But the last thing you want is to be tying up loose ends on the beach or while your family is waiting for you at the clam shack.

The best way to make your vacation actually relaxing is to prepare in advance.

1. Let key people know you’re leaving.

2. Get any projects you’re involved with in a state where they can continue in your absence — ideally without your input.

3. Get down to inbox zero (and, for that matter, voicemail inbox zero) before you leave.

That last one might sound impossible, but you can do it. If you can’t check off the task the email or voicemail entails, you can at least schedule a reminder for when you get back, or slide the message into an organized folder.

Being able to clear your head is priceless prep for a proper vacation mindset. And when you get back, call us at TH Bender if you’ve had any epiphanies about your career!

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