The fine line between managing and monitoring: How to lead remote workers

In the rush to embrace remote work, you’ve probably heard a lot of stories about managers insisting that employees keep their video cameras on during all Zoom calls.
You might be one of those managers yourself.
And there’s a good reason for this. When the only way a workforce can communicate is remotely, there’s value in face-to-face conversation.

And conventional wisdom also seems to dictate that in a remote work scenario, leaders should check in more often, scheduling time to chat with employees on a regular basis to see how they’re doing and where they need support.
But there’s a fine line between managing collaboration and micro-managing or monitoring employees.
Video conferencing fatigue is starting to set in with a lot of people. And the ability to constantly reach out via Slack, email and text can have a similarly relentless vibe after a while.

So how does a leader balance the need for connection with the need for space? By listening to people’s needs closely.
I work with a lot of clients and candidates at TH Bender currently navigating the new normal of remote work, and as we all figure things out together, I look forward to hearing about your own best practices.

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