TECHNOLOGY - Productivity isn’t working

Is productivity the only thing worth paying attention to? (It’s not.)

A recent piece from Wired focuses on what the author calls “the cult of the hustle,” or the idea that success is simply a matter of constant self-optimization.

But as the current coronavirus pandemic makes uncomfortably clear, constant refinement can only take you so far. Disruptions will throw you off balance, and during those times adaptability is much more important than a rigid idea of “productivity.”

As a recruiter, I have to say I agree.

Sometimes, a client will come to me and say “Tilman, I have a productivity issue.”

But after learning more about their operation, I find myself disagreeing. Oftentimes it’s not a productivity issue — it’s a culture issue.

They aren’t hiring people that fit into the work culture of their company. As a result, they are stuck in a loop of pushing their employees to new levels of “productivity,” while ignoring their underlying problem.

Don’t make this mistake. Work with a recruiter to develop a hiring plan that can take your company into a more successful future.

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