RETAIL – The future of a profitable online grocery service is here

Ordering your groceries online: is it a passing trend?

Not so long ago, the prospect of selling groceries online was a risky bet. Many large-scale companies recognized the appeal in a rapidly digitizing society, but the retailers who took on the project often saw net losses in revenue as a result.

But now everything’s different. As a recent piece from Forbes points out, the current COVID-19 crisis is ratcheting up demand for groceries that get delivered straight to your door.

The question, of course, is whether this demand will last. Is this the new normal? Or will the pull of traditional grocery shopping eventually squash its online competition?
These questions are important to ask and difficult to answer.

At TH Bender, we work with companies who are asking these big questions; questions that demand adaptability and hard work in the face of shifting industry conditions.
We can’t tell you the answer to these questions. But we can help you prepare to hit the ground running when the answer arrives.

Take it from a recruiter: there is nothing more valuable that a team of talented, motivated individuals working for you.

Ready to take your staffing to the next level? Give us a ring.

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