July 24, 2020
RETAIL – The future of a profitable online grocery service is here

Ordering your groceries online: is it a passing trend? Not so long ago, the prospect...

July 22, 2020
How the pandemic exposed the fallacy of the “ideal worker”

Ah yes, the “ideal worker.” This is a notion the business world has long revered...

July 20, 2020
How Covid-19 is changing the language in emails

“Tilman, I hope you are well. Could you give me an update on that contract?”...

July 13, 2020
Which countries were and weren’t ready for remote work?

It seems we’ve entered the analysis phase of this remote work scenario. What have we...

July 10, 2020
6 ways to support on-site employees

With all the hubbub about remote work lately, the subject of protecting employees who have...

July 08, 2020
Questions for HR from returning workers

We’re starting to see an end in sight. Employers are slowly bringing their people back...

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