MANUFACTURING - Bringing manufacturing back to the US is easier said than done

The COVID-19 crisis has shone a harsh light on manufacturing shortcomings in the US.

The struggle to get masks, ventilators, and other equipment into the hands of those who need them begs the question: Why can’t we manufacture enough of these goods in the US instead of turning to help from other countries?

As a recent piece from the Harvard Business Review points out, however, that bringing manufacturing back to the US is easier said than done. Longstanding patterns in lean production, specialization and cost reduction have shaped the situation we’re in now — for better and for worse.

The good news is, we are living through a moment where everything is being rethought. Even the most ingrained assumptions about good manufacturing are being examined, tweaked and retooled.

When your manufacturing operation is ready to make a plan for coming out of this crisis stronger than ever, you’ll need a recruiter on your side who can help you build the best team. At TH Bender, that’s the type of work we do every day — and we get results.

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