How to collaborate effectively, remotely

If you're a fan of intense whiteboard sessions, you're probably not in love with remote work. While productivity is surprisingly improved when teams works from home, collaboration can be tricky. A long email thread does not a creative brainstorm make. Harvard Business Review recommends the following tactics for amplifying collaboration in a remote-work situation:

1. In every Zoom meeting, conference call or email thread, make sure you retain clarity and consistency with standardized communication platforms and language everyone in the company understands.

2. You can never be too clear. If you think you’ve over-explaining, you’re probably not.

3. But don’t bombard people with messages. Equate your messages with physically walking into a co-worker’s office space. You wouldn't do that over and over and over, would you?

Finally — and this point I strongly recommend from my own experience working both remotely and in person for 23 years — find ways to celebrate and socialize remotely.

More connected teams simply collaborate better, even remotely.

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