November 07, 2018
How Germans and Americans Handle Feedback in the Workplace

By John MageeFeedback is essential to the performance of each individual and of every team...

November 05, 2018
German processes vs. American relationships

Germans believe that processes — how the work is done — is the key to...

November 05, 2018
The German soccer teacher vs the American football coach

Germans and Americans have very different expectations about leadership. That often leads to problems when...

November 05, 2018
Germans consult, Americans serve

A big source of misunderstanding between Americans and Germans, rarely made explicit, is about whether...

November 05, 2018
German contentiousness vs American small talk

Germans and Americans have different conversational styles. And that often causes trouble, says John Otto...

November 05, 2018
Where Germans systematize, Americans break down

Germans and Americans make decisions in totally different ways, which often leads to clashes. In...

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