COVID-19 takes a toll on employees' mental well-being

Feeling particularly stressed or down right now? That’s not surprising.

A new study by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that between 22 and 35% of US employees are exhibiting signs of depression in this time of #Covid19.

This is especially true of women, younger workers and people living with a member of a vulnerable population such as a healthcare worker or a immunocompromised family member.

And service-based workers, in particular, are feeling it: 38% report feeling extra tired these days.
The good news? Employers can and are responding to the mental health crisis. They’re offering amplified mental health resources and helping employees connect with those resources — remotely, if necessary.

Many of our clients at TH Bender have stepped up their efforts to support employee mental health. We’re all in this together right now, and that means leaning on each other for support.

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