Where in the world can we help?

TH Bender recruits exceptional talent throughout the USA and Canada and, together with our partners, in many places in the world.

Customs and cultures may differ, but the need for talented, dedicated, and loyal talent is universal. Our expertise is recruiting in North America, but many of our clients strive for global coverage. We help them, sometimes together with global partners, to find employees that are able to develop and execute country-specific challenges.

North America

With over 10 years’ experience recruiting executives throughout the United States we have experience in almost every US state and Canadian province.

Western Europe

Many of our staff have strong connections to Western Europe; some have grown up there. We recruit for positions in Europe either directly or utilize the offices and resources of our partners.

Eastern Europe, Russia, former Soviet Union countries

We work in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the countries of the former Soviet Union through our partners.

Australia, New Zealand, APAC, Middle East

In the APAC region we work with partners that have employed and trained over 1000 Executive Recruitment Consultants, conducted over 20 acquisitions in 5 countries, owned and operated 12 companies in 7 countries and listed a major recruitment services group on the ASX.


Our partners have offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and have an executive search track record covering the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region, as well as the African Diaspora.

Functional expertise
Industry expertise

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