Whenever there is a need for action at upper management levels, one option is to bring in experienced interim managers. This approach often makes a lot of sense when it comes to the subsidiaries of foreign companies in North America.

Many of our clients rely on interim managers who establish the new subsidiary, support them during sales expansion, guide them through infrastructure changes (like software introductions or production) or guide them successfully through transformation processes.

Interim Management: Specialists for the US market through culturally experienced managers

Organizations often need executive level support only for a limited amount of time. The selection of professionals who competently offer value to the company from day one is vital. A special requirement for the new interim manager in the international subsidiary is not only a high level of professional competence, but also a great intercultural awareness so communication with the mothership is smooth.

We support the identification and recruitment of interim managers for long-term assignments (e.g. digital transformation) as well as short-term projects (e.g. project and program interim management, digital security or vacancy bridging).

Typical use cases

Our highly qualified interim managers enable flexible action and can result in:

  • Business creation
  • Expansion or transformation
  • Smoothing of order spikes or personnel bottlenecks
  • Adapting or adding sales channels to changing market needs (for example e-commerce)
  • Retaining market share / important customers
  • Transparency of financial data
  • Strong earnings with sufficient profitability
  • Meeting short- or medium-term liquidity requirements and eliminating late payments

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience supporting the subsidiaries of international customers we are highly competent matching your needs with the realities of the North American market.

We bring our project experience from companies of a wide range of scale, industries and product ranges. We leverage an extensive network of interim managers who have a proven track record with an superior ability to solve complex problems.

Highly qualified personal who have settled in the United States and have international experience as interim managers, can be deployed within a few days at short notice.

Contact us to take advantage of our expert knowledge, many years of international practice and robust network that has been built for decades! We will help you continue your road to success.

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