Private Equity / Venture Capital / Start-ups

At the portfolio level, C-suite, functional and industry experts and board positions across all industries are in high demand. For these highly specialized and fast-moving businesses, whose resources are often stretched when entering the American market, we can draw upon our deep sector expertise across industries and align a search with the unique requirements of a PE- and VC-driven organization.

At the fund level, organizations require top-level leaders across a full suite of functional responsibilities. In addition to investment professionals, they need operating partners and advisers, and functional leaders to cover the full sweep of corporate functions such as human resources, finance, operations and marketing.

In recent years, we have seen many cases of foreign firms and portfolio companies setting up shop in the United States. The objectives are varied, ranging from getting access to early-stage or seed capital to increasing valuations by having a global footprint to pursuing exit strategies. Meeting expectations requires executives who perform at a very high level in a very fluid environment - and these professionals are in high demand.

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