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The speed of changes is unrelenting: today’s leading edge can quickly become outdated tomorrow, with carefully constructed barriers to entry quickly swept aside or circumvented and even industry giants quickly toppled. Many of these developments are visible first in the United States, the most competitive and open of all markets. The United States’ open attitude to change makes it a microcosmos of trends, which can quickly result in newly dominant companies. Fast movers that position themselves in the U.S. can gain a front row glimpse of global trends that will shape their international operations in coming years. Our extensive experience enables us to help our clients identify and recruit executives who have the experience, track record, intellectual curiosity and international mindset to drive a multicultural organization in this environment.

In our clients words...

Computer Tomography and X-Ray Systems Chief Financial Officer

I worked with Tilman Bender on five searches. He was tasked to recruit hard-to-find sales representatives and managers with experience selling x-ray and computer tomography... read more

Technology Development, Semiconductor Vice President

As head of technical development for one of the world's largest semiconductor companies, my responsibilities included intellectual property and technology licensing. As technology licensing follows... read more

Telecommunication Equipment Senior Vice President Intellectual Property

I met Tilman initially when he was retained to recruit various high-level position in the world of intellectual property. When I was hired by a... read more

Engineering and Electronics Systems Company General Manager (USA)

I know TH Bender from the perspective of a candidate and a client. Tilman was instrumental in staffing our sales and engineering teams. Tilman Bender... read more

Semiconductor Equipment Vacuum Coating Systems Chief Executive Officer

Our U.S. subsidiary is the market leader in the deposition of thin-films onto different substrates such as polycarbonate or silicon. Thanks to our visibility and... read more

Manufacturer of Electro-Mechanical Systems Chief Executive Officer,

After many years of successful export business to the United States, we decided to involve the TH Bender team in building up our US subsidiary... read more

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