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TH Bender recruits exceptional talent throughout the USA and Canada and, together with our partners, in many places in the world.

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Customs and cultures may differ, but the need for talented, dedicated, and loyal talent is universal. Our expertise is recruiting in North America, but many of our clients strive for global coverage. We help them, sometimes together with global partners, to find employees that are able to develop and execute country-specific challenges.

North America

With over 10 years’ experience recruiting executives throughout the North America, we have successfully completed searches in almost every US state and Canadian province.


Europe is truly our home turf – no fewer than three of our principals have previously worked and lived in Western Europe, namely Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Decades of work experience and countless successfully completed executive searches have equipped us with a solid understanding of what type of talent companies require to be successful in today’s truly multi-cultural European markets.

Central + South America

We have successfully supported European, North American and other international clients in their search for highly-qualified leadership talent in the growing economies of Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Central and South America offer fascinating opportunities for international companies in a diverse range of sectors including agriculture and extended workbenches for the automotive sector.

Indian Subcontinent

With its rapid growth rate and continuous drive for modernisation, the world's 4th largest economy holds a lot of promise for growth-oriented international companies. Our local partners have significant experience supporting foreign-owned companies on the Indian subcontinent and provide expertise across all key industry sectors.


Success in Asia depends largely on a thorough understanding of local customs and cultures. Our Shanghai-based partners provide the deep expertise and knowledge gained from operating successfully in local markets for XX years, searching and selecting strong, interculturally compatible leadership talent for European and North American clients.

Australia / New Zealand

In the APAC region we work with partners that have employed and trained over 1000 Executive Recruitment Consultants, conducted over 20 acquisitions in 5 countries, owned and operated 12 companies in 7 countries and listed a major recruitment services group on the ASX. A springboard for European and North American companies to access Asian markets, Australia and New Zealand provide economic stability and a strong business culture.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Our partners with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa have successfully established a strong track record completinga searches covering the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region, as well as the African Diaspora. With incredible potential for economic growth, many African countries are poised to support foreign investment and provide access to large, hitherto untapped markets for a wide range of products.

Middle East

Despite ever-changing political landscapes, the Middle East region offers significant opportunities for growth and investment, especially in economic powerhosues like Dubai, Qatar and Saudi-Arabia. Our local partners can help you navigate the often challenging local talent landscapes by identifying and assessing high-level talent that fits well with your organization.

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