CEO / President / General Manager / Country Manager

The successful leader of an overseas subsidiary will be an experienced executive, recognized and respected by industry peers, and clients. Having a stellar reputation is particularly important if the employer brand is not (yet) well-known.

Such leaders must also combine an ability to lead independently with the understanding that the national market, while important, is not the only one for the parent company - significant resources, such as engineering, product development and manufacturing will likely be located overseas and their costs be shared among different markets. The ability to build a rapport with executives and shareholders overseas is crucial. Not every General Manager, even with a successful track record with a local company, masters these international cultural aspects well.

When selecting a Country Manager, it is also important to put in place a strong internal pipeline of talent, so the company is not dependent solely on a single leader. The Board needs to prepare succession issues making sure that the US subsidiary can react quickly to changing market conditions. We can help build a strong team of functional leaders with CEO potential.

Once you’ve selected your international Country Manager, TH Bender will support executive onboarding during the first 100 days to ensure success for both the employer and employee.

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