Functional expertise

We believe that a verifiable track-record in a specific function is the best predictor of future success. Even a CEO - who has to be deeply involved in all corporate activities - has to have a core expertise to earn the respect of his colleagues and find long-term success.

Our industry experience and professional networks enable us to attract the best available candidates in a marketplace that prizes innovation, novelty and agility. We help shareholders, boards and top executives to define the kinds of leaders they need based on their market entry and business strategy within their sectors and industries, the maturity level of their US operations and the competitive environment.

Board of Directors and Advisory Boards

As the market complexity and speed as well as the public scrutiny of corporations (and individuals) has increased, shareholders and other key stakeholders expect more from the Boards of Directors than ever before. Advisory Boards can be a very helpful tool to add competent voices to the internal discussion resulting in a wider and deeper knowledge base for mission-critical decisions.

CEO / President / General Manager / Country Manager

Selection of the leader of your North American subsidiary is essential to its success. Finding an executive with the ability to view your activities here in the context of the parent company’s goals is mission-critical.

Sales and Marketing Officers and Executives

To be successful, today’s chief sales officer must excel in both the development of country-specific sales challenges, understand the entire value chain of the business and know how to communicate effectively with both internal and external clients.

Financial Officers

Today’s financial officers must be highly trusted by their internationally-based corporate parent, adaptable to the requirements of an international organization, creative and agile.

Supply Chain & Operations

Key executives in areas such as purchasing, material management and forwarding now act as the nexus of a subsidiary’s “digital transformation,” connecting every

aspect of the organization, from planning and procurement to manufacturing, sales, distribution, and customer experience. They drive the evolution of these processes into a seamless, continually improving loop spanning countries and continents.

Technology and Engineering Officers

Engineering and technology are transforming every organization. Chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief engineering officers, privacy officers and leaders of big data/analytics must be prepared to master complex requirements.

Human Resources Managers

A capable HR executive can be a true partner to the CEO, supporting an international company’s North American business strategy while preventing the risks every employer faces.

Other Areas of Expertise

Industry expertise

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