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We enable the recruitment of executives across all corporate functions. Proven prior success is the guiding star to predict future performance.

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CEO / President / General Manager / Country Manager

The selection of the leader of your international subsidiary is essential to its success. Finding an executive with the ability to view your activities here in the context of the parent company’s goals is mission-critical.

Sales Management, Business Development and Marketing

To be successful, today’s chief sales officer must excel in both the development of country-specific sales challenges, understand the entire value chain of the business, and know how to communicate effectively with both internal and external clients.

Finance / Accounting

Today’s finance and accounting executives must be highly trusted by their internationally-based corporate parent, adaptable to the requirements of an international organization, creative and agile.

Human Resources

A capable HR executive is a true business partner to the leadership team, supporting the execution of the strategy, overcoming hurdles and reducing employment risks.

Other Areas of Expertise

Industry expertise

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