President: for Newly Established Biotech Start-Up

Our client is a leading developer of climate-control solutions for the intercontinental air shipment of biological samples and pharmaceutical products such as biologics and vaccines. A key supplier to most of the major European life sciences companies, the firm was keen to further develop their presence in the US market as a part of a defensive strategy to avoid key competitors gaining a foothold in key European and Asian markets. TH Bender were able to find a highly entrepreneurial candidate with access to an excellent network of supply chain professionals in the life sciences community, built up while working for our client’s key competitor for over a decade. The candidate was intrigued by the idea of working for a startup and leveraging the considerable knowledge base of the European parent company in North America. Based on TH Bender’s long-standing expertise developing employment agreements we were able to find a creative way around the candidate’s non-compete clauses, communicate them to the legal team and despite some initial pushback convince the former employer to allow the candidate to move on.

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