Partnering with TH Bender

Are you aware of companies with recruitment needs? But you are not actively involved in recruiting or don’t recruit in America?
We enjoy networking with proven professionals and look forward to talking with you!

Recruiter Networking

You are a highly respected executive recruiter located outside of North America. Your clients rely on you and have inquired if you can support them in finding talent in the United States and Canada. You want to help your clients and be of more value to them but have not found a partner in the States you trust enough to successfully execute the engagements.

TH Bender has a track record of successfully working with other executive recruiters both by working in the United States and referring business from our US clients to overseas partners.

Whatever your scenario – feel free to reach out and let’s explore the opportunities together!

Advisory Board Level / Part Time

You have built up a great professional network in your industry (or your function, such as finance or Human Resources). You enjoy being professionally engaged but are looking for opportunities to leverage your skillset. Maybe you want to slow down your daily work routine but still ‘stay in the game’. Or maybe you realized a great exit and have the opportunity to take off, yet want to stay at the forefront of your peers.

At TH Bender you might find a group of like-minded equals, experienced professionals who want to leverage their relationships by making introductions, convert search opportunities into engagements, set the search strategy but let the search professionals execute the daily routine under your guidance.

Industry / Functional Leadership Level

You are enjoying recognition in your company but you are wondering if there is an opportunity to work with more of your industry peers across the whole spectrum of your industry (or function)? You enjoy recognizing challenges and come up with plans to solve them. At TH Bender we look for true professionals to network within their profession, identify engagement opportunities, develop clients and then, together with search professionals, successfully solve the recruiting challenges.

International Business Development (In-Bound)

You have worked many years in international business. Maybe you were born overseas, and your employer moved you to the United States. You are still very much in touch with the companies in your home country but live in the United States. You want to leverage your international network, help companies from your home country be successful in the United States. Maybe you worked in economic development, guided your employer to set up a subsidiary in the United States or helped finance the US operations. You enjoy working with peers in your home country, support them in their process of setting up an organization in the United States. At TH Bender, we provide you with the tools and resources to turn your passion into a sustainable business.

Industry expertise

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