About TH Bender

TH BENDER is the go-to address for professionally managed organizations seeking extraordinary executives to turn their vision of successful operations overseas into reality.

90% of our mandates are commissioned by international companies!

Executive Search with cross-border twist

We identify, evaluate engage, recruit, and help our client to retain top-notch executives to establish, grow or exit their investments. We help our clients to successful implement their business strategies, be it entering a market for the first time, build a sales organization, establish engineering and manufacturing operations, evaluate teams or otherwise maximize the value of an investment. We are discreet, efficient, results-oriented and quick.

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Executive Search with cross-border twist


TH Bender was founded in Chicago in 2006. Our Germany-born founder had worked as an Export Consultant in Stuttgart before being employed by a large German-Chinese manufacturer as a Key Account Manager in Hong Kong. He moved to the United States in the 1990s. During his career in executive search spanning boutique and Fortune 500-listed search firms he noticed that the needs of medium-sized companies were not sufficiently met: most headhunters working for large firms have only little interest in dedicating their time to companies with only occasional executive search needs, boutique firms are not adequately resourced and global human resources firms frequently have a corporate attitude combined with a short-term, margin driven mindset that is at odds with the mentality of an SME. Another common issue amongst search firms is the lack of in-depth cultural insight - an overseas subsidiary has distinct cultural requirements managers must understand for the business to be successful.

Especially mid-sized, international companies require loyal and committed employees who are hands-on, entrepreneurial and internationally-minded. Finding the perfect fitting employee is like locating the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Recognizing this gap in the market, the company was founded specifically with a focus on middle-market companies - often the Hidden Champions - high-performance organizations that are highly regarded in their niches but unknown to the wider public.

TH Bender is now the leading American executive search and talent strategy firm focusing on the needs of international companies in international markets. Our leadership team is comprised of hands-on, highly experienced, multi-lingual, business-proven professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping our clients to find business success overseas.

Our Philosophy

We believe that honesty, transparency and clear, straightforward communication are the keys to our success. Like the great majority of our clients, we all come from an SME background with strong values and high ethics. Serving our clients requires a high-touch, hands-on approach and a true and deep understanding of the realities and expectations of the distinct business environments in North America, Europe and Asia. Our goal is always to support our clients as trusted advisors and true partners rather than mere service providers. With TH Bender our clients get more than just great candidates in record time, we provide sustainable solutions that support business growth and long-term success.

Our Team

At TH Bender we pride ourselves in being the only executive search and talent strategy firm in North America with a leadership team composed entirely of bilingual and bicultural experts. All of us here at TH Bender have lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic or in Asia countries and bring to the table a true, in-depth understanding of international business culturse, markets, expectations and potential pitfalls. With a combined total of almost 40 years’ experience in executive search and talent strategy, our expertise is truly second-to-none!

When we help

  • Startup
  • R&D
  • Growth
  • Success
  • IPO
  • Scaling Production
  • First Production
  • Scaling / Maturing
  • Succession
  • M&A / Consolidation
  • Exit / Equity

Where do we recruit ?

We place executives throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. All international assignments are managed by U.S. based Project Managers; our in-house research team conducts all name-generation and interviews. Using our international offices and on case-by-case basis very carefully selected in-country partners, we guarantee that your needs for top-notch global talent is met while assuring that we are accountable to you.

Our North American searches tend to be evenly distributed across three core regions with one third focusing on locations along the Eastern Seaboard (including Montreal, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte as well as key emerging manufacturing hubs in the Southeast such as Alabama and Mississippi). One-third of our projects are managed on behalf of clients based in the Midwest and Texas (Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas / Fort Worth, San Antonio, Atlanta, Houston and Denver) with the remaining third concentrated on the West Coast in places like Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix.

  • East Coast
  • Germany
  • West Coast
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Central
  • Midwest
  • China
  • Russia / CES
  • Australia
  • APAC

Industries we serve

  • Automotive Automotive
  • Information Srvices/IT Information Srvices/IT
  • Engineering Consulting Engineering Consulting
  • Banks / Insurance Banks / Insurance
  • Machine Tools Machine Tools
  • Packaging Packaging
  • Chemicals Chemicals
  • Defense Defense
  • Electronics Electronics
  • Consumer Goods Consumer Goods
  • Metals Metals
  • Health Care Health Care

The TH Bender Network

We are part of a network of highly experienced professionals with an exceptional global track-record. This group includes legal professionals, accountants, auditors, financiers and insurance experts as well as site selection and real estate professionals. Together, we offer several decades of experience in supporting the ambitions of companies setting up international operations.

  • Lawyers Lawyers
  • Taxes Taxes
  • Cultural Training Cultural Training
  • Bank Bank
  • Incentives Incentives
  • Corporate Finance Corporate Finance
  • Real Estate Real Estate
  • Risk Management Risk Management

What sets us apart?

We bridge cultures

We find talent that is effective in the domestic market and simultaneously blends well into the multi-cultural fabric of their employer.

We have a track record

Some of our start-up clients now lead the market in their sectors, some of them with sales over $1 billion.

We are transparent

We share our knowledge, be it compensation information, market opportunities, or the challenges recognized as barriers to business success.

We have a flat organization

We like to conduct searches as a coherent team - even the Managing Partner, supported by a strong team, personally works on your assignment.

We are business-minded

We understand the art of building up sales and manufacturing organizations overseas. We are market-entry and corporate development experts who happen to be in executive search!

We are committed to international clients

90% of our projects are cross-border assignments.

We are not your typical recruiter

We are experts in the development and implementation of market entry strategies and organizational development - but have an HR bend!

We have international connections

We can connect you with proven partners - globally!

Few "off-limit' Issues

Most of the large, multinational executive search companies have framework agreements. This limits their ability to poach candidates. As a specialized firm we have few limitations!

Large, well maintained Proprietary Database

There over 300,000 often very detailed profiles are in our proprietary database.

Authenticity and Humility

We love to learn. We are aware that we don't know everything. This is why we prioritize research, conduct deep due diligence and always listen to our clients.

Extensive Personal Networks

We are expanding our personal networks since 1997!

Extraordinary Research Capabilities

In order to find 'the one' existing contacts are frequently not sufficient. We identify and approach up to 1800 prospects. This is why we maintain a team of over a dozen in-house, full-time researchers.

Expert Support during the Negotiation Phase

Developing, extending, negotiating and closing an offer with a high potential candidate is an art and a science. After hundreds of these negotiations, we are well-positioned to support our clients during this high-stakes phase.

We truly engage with our candidates

It requires deep personal interaction to convincingly communicate the advantages of working for a foreign company or SME. The broad responsibilities and the joy of personal growth need to be convincingly communicated by the recruiter


Locations of Offices and Conference Facilities

  • 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, East Tower, 4th Floor, Washington DC 20037, Unites States of America
  • 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2800, Chicago IL 60601, United States of America
  • The Square 12, D-60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We meet clients and candidates throughout North America and strive to make it as convenient as possible. We frequently utilize offices and conference room at the following locations. Please contact us if you are interested in getting together.

  • Bay Area (San Francisco Airport area), 1001 Bayhill Dr, 2nd Floor, San Bruno CA 94066
  • Charlotte, NC (downtown), 401 N Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28202
  • Atlanta, GA (Buckhead), 310 Old Ivy Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30342
  • Dallas / Las Colinas MacArthur (DFW Airport area), 5605 North MacArthur Boulevard, 10th Floor, Irving TX 75038
  • Toronto Metro, 1235 Bay Street, 7th Floor, Toronto ON M5R 3K5

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