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TH BENDER is the premier recruiting company for international companies seeking extraordinary executives to turn the vision of a successful American subsidiary into reality.

90% of our assignments are commissioned by companies from outside the United States!

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Who we are

TH Bender is the leading American executive search company of German heritage and American origin. Our mission is to recruit the first and second management level of the American subsidiaries of overseas-based companies.

We recruit 'Country Managers' (CEOs, Presidents, General Managers) and their direct reports, evaluate existing teams, help with succession planning and create successful teams from scratch – efficiently and discreetly.

The recruitment of any executive responsible for a P&L and his/her team is the key factor determining success or failure in the American market. It is the most consequential decision the executives, owners and shareholders of the parent company can make. Our team members have dedicated their careers helping our clients to make the correct hiring decisions.

Executive Recruiting and Corporate Development

Executive recruiting is not an isolated Human Resource issue - it is the key to the development and implementation of a business strategy. To our clients this statement means:

TH Bender provided crucial executive recruiting support to a new market entrant during critical inflexion points - from hiring the first US-based employee, scaling the sales organisation, staffing a factory, helping during the IPO and several M&A projects. Over ten years the US sales grew from zero to over $12000,0000,000).

We assessed and subsequently replaced the complete startup team; the new team grew the business pipeline from $1,000,000 to $165,000,000 within 18 months.

Our consultants supported a new player and helped the shareholders to grow from a staff of one expatriate a whole American team resulting in #2 market share and the subsequent acquisition by a globally leading corporation.

Together with our clients we help to translate their vision of business success in America into reality.

Manufacturer and Developer of solar power plants
Manufacturer and Developer of solar power plants

We were retained by the founder of what was an early stage manufacturer of solar modules based in Mainland China. His request was to find the first US employee...

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Manufacturer of Doors and Windows
Building Envelope - market entry of leading European company

This client is among the best known European brands in the window and door industry. Forward thinking executives had identified a new market developing rapidly – especially in the United States...

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Steel Mill
Leading Steel Mill

The client is a highly respected, leading manufacturer of specialty steel with thousands of employees. The company’s American sales were handled by a long-term agent located in New York area...

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Developer of Renewable Power Plants
Developer of Renewable Power Plants

The client was a very well-respected developer of photovoltaic power plants in Germany. The company entered the United States, hired a CEO who recruited six employees...

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Electrical Equipment
Electrical Equipment - Transformers

Our client was a former division of Robert Bosch. The division had been spun off and was acquired by a German Mittelstand family-owned group of industrial businesses active in the automotive, electronics and energy sectors...

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Energy Storage
Energy Storage

Our client is the largest developer and manufacturer of power storage solutions in Europe. The company had an already strong, business development oriented country manager who had identified the market and growth potential.

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About us

We identify, evaluate, engage, recruit, and help our clients to retain top-notch executives to establish, grow, or exit their North American investments. We help our clients to successfully implement their North American strategy, be it to enter the market the first time, build a sales organization, establish engineering and manufacturing operations, or maximize the value of an investment. We evaluate existing teams, help with succession planning, and create complete teams - quickly.

The Advantages of Working with TH Bender

  • Avoid sunk costs
  • You can expect longer tenure
  • Access to crucial expertise
  • Short learning curve
  • 90 Days to Placement
  • Recruiting can be a zero sum game
  • Avoid tremendous opportunity costs
  • Increase your company's reputation among client base
  • 15 Days to Qualified Candidates
  • 95% Search Completion Rate
  • 98% Stick Rate (over 30 Month period)
  • 57% 30 Month Promotion Rate
  • Unbeatable Cost/Quality Equation
  • Bi-weekly detailed status reports

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